1) This is the front page where all the hyperlinks to all the workers details will be created from the pivot table based on the 'Data' worksheet.
  2) This is the main datasource behind the generation of the template above. The pivot table above is generated from this datatsoure. The template below can be customized to work with any type of case worker data. All that is needed is to conform your data to this template, by specifying your headers and copying and pasting into the worksheet. The buttons on the summary page can then be used to automatically refresh the pivot table, generate the hyperlinks for each worker and insert the appropriate worksheets for each worker.
  3) Example data for Worker4 details, as displayed when the hyperlink on the template above is clicked. This worksheet is generated when the button "insert worksheet for each worker" is clicked. The worksheets can be removed by clicking on the "remove button".             top


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